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We provides both corporate and individual director services to BVI companies by utilizing the expertise of its highly trained and experienced staff.

BVI Offshore provides remarkable consultancy to the companies and individuals willing to expend their work in the British Virgin Islands. Our team is full of experience and every individual from our team is well educated and creative as well.

Our team consults about the legal documentations and administrative works required to open an offshore company in the BVI. Every member of our team is fully skilled and contains complete knowledge about the thousands of the companies working in the BVI. We strive you make you better than other companies.

Our team consults you about the financial and tourism services in the BVI as these are the key factors of the economy here. We also tell you that how you can earn more with minimum investment.
No matter if you are a sole proprietor of a giant company, out team consults every client with deep meditation and we find out through our research that which is best for whom means the most appropriate and best solutions are provided to every client.
If you are a shareholder, our team also consults you that how to deal with the other shareholders, what are the key points to hold a perfect business meeting and so on. In short, we endeavor to make you a better shareholder than the others.

Our team is highly efficient because we have hired the perfect ones for this particular kind of work. Feel free to contact us via phone, email, or from the contact us from. You can also visit at our office on the given address.
For complete information on all the processes and procedures Please contact us at +971 4 388 7619, Email :